Viral Hepatitis and Liv.52

Uday Shankar Mandal, M.B.,B.S., Medical Officer, Giridih Block, Sirsia, Giridih, Bihar, India.

Viral Hepatitis and Liv.52

Viral or infective hepatitis is quite a common condition characterised by a short incubation period. A 20-year-old male presented for treatment with a classic picture of Infective Hepatitis. There was no history of taking any drug or alcohol or blood transfusion. There was icterus on the sclerae and under surface of the tongue. The liver was enlarged and tender. Pain and tenderness was observed in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen.

There was headache, arthralgia, nausea and marked anorexia. The patient reported of deep yellow-coloured urine and clay coloured stools. His heart and lungs did not reveal any significant findings. His temperature was 101oF in the axilla and B.P. 120/78 mm of Hg. Laboratory studies showed neutropenia with relative lymphocytosis. Biochemical values, serum bilirubin 8.5 mg%, serum alkaline phosphatase 32 K.A. units, SGOT 24 I.U. and SGPT 30 I.U. Prothrombin time 20 seconds, Urine shows albumin-faint trace, bile salts and pigments present with positive froth test.

I put him on Liv.52 tablets 2 t.i.d. with plenty of carbohydrates (glucose etc.) and restricted protein intake. After the third week of treatment his serum bilirubin was reduced to 4.5 mg% and serum alkaline phosphatase 14 K.A. units and SGOT 12 units and SGPT 19 units. He completely recovered from jaundice after one and a half months. His appetite improved and he gained in weight. His serum bilirubin being 1 mg%, all other parameters came to normal. I advised him to continue Liv.52 tablets 2 t.i.d. and after a fortnight his serum bilirubin level was 0.5 mg%. He showed a remarkable response and feeling of well-being with a simultaneous return of the laboratory findings to normal. He was advised to continue taking Liv.52, 2 t.i.d. to help normalise his disturbed liver function. There were no side-reactions or untoward effects.

In my opinion Liv.52 is very helpful in cases of Infective Hepatitis. It helps a lot in improving appetite, correcting the liver function and bringing about an increase in weight by virtue of its anabolic action.

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