Role of Liv.52 in the treatment of infective hepatitis

Paritosh Biswas, M.B.,B.S., (Cal.) 251/2, Ashoke Nagar (24 Parganas)., India.


Various types of drugs are used in the treatment of Infective Hepatitis, e.g. antibiotics, vitamins, prednisolone and Liv.52. In all cases of Infective Hepatitis, a fat-free diet and bed-rest are a prime necessity If there is high fever, Neomycin is generally used for the sterilisation of gut and prevention of secondary infection. Over the years, Liv.52 (The Himalaya Drug Co.) has been extensively reported by various researchers to be effective in the treatment of Infective Hepatitis. The present observations were recorded during an epidemic of Infective Hepatitis.


I studied a total of 70 cases of Infective Hepatitis during the epidemic. All patients were placed on a fat-free diet and received plenty of glucose. All the 70 patients were put on Liv.52 2 tablets t.i.d. for a period of 2 weeks initially with Vitamins B Complex and C as supportive therapy. In four of these cases, Neomycin was also administered, while in four other cases, prednisolone 5 mg t.i.d. was used along with the Liv.52 + vitamins regimen.


With Liv.52 as the mainstay of treatment, jaundice cleared up very quickly in all the cases. Anorexia and nausea disappeared early. On Liv.52 and vitamins alone, the period of recovery was shorter and the patients showed increased appetite and better weight gain too. No toxicity or side effects were encountered in any of the cases. The use of Neomycin and prednisolone (in 4 cases each) did not confer any additional advantage.


From the above results it is obvious that Liv.52 and vitamins suffice to ensure a safe and speedy recovery in Infective Hepatitis. the cost of therapy is much less as compared to antibiotics and corticosteroids.

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