A trial with Liv.52 in infective hepatitis

Vijaykumar, S. Karachi, M.B.,B.S., X-ray Unit, Talikoti, Karnataka, India.

Liv.52 in infective hepatitis

Acute infective hepatitis is a common infectious disease due to a virus which spreads by oral and faecal contamination.

In this study there were 32 cases of infective hepatitis, moderate to severe, from an endemic malarial area. All the patients had a history of repeated attacks of malarial fever and had received anti-malarial treatment with 4-Aminoquinoline as well as 8-Aminoquinoline. Patients had fever, loss of appetite, vomiting (some cases), yellowish discoloration of the sclera and tender enlarged liver with splenomegaly. Urine examination was done for presence of bile pigments and bile salts. Blood investigations were not done, as facilities were not available.

In 3 cases below 10 years of age, I gave Liv.52 syrup, two tsp t.i.d. for one month. Ten patients had severe jaundice and they received treatment with Liv.52 tablets, 2 t.i.d. and Injection B Complex, 2 ml I.M. daily, and tapering doses of steroids with I.V. fluids whenever necessary for one and a half months. Two patients were pregnant and had moderate jaundice and were referred to the District Hospital.

All patients were reviewed fortnightly. After one month all of them showed marked improvement. In mild to moderate cases urine examination showed absence of bile pigments and bile salts.

This study shows that Liv.52 tablets, 2 t.i.d. can be used effectively and safely in all types of jaundice.

Refference: http://www.himalayahealthcare.com/pdf_files/liv247.pdf
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