Infective Hepatitis — Survey and Study of 110 cases

Doddagoudar, M.B., M.B.,B.S., Karnataka Medical College, Hubli, India.

This is a study of 110 cases of infective hepatitis observed by us at the Hangal Primary Health Centre between August and October 1969. The daily outpatient attendance is 120 cases. Out of 110 cases of infective hepatitis there were 72 males and 38 females – two being pregnant.

Most of the patients visited the Centre three to four days after the onset of disease. Presenting complaints were mild degree of fever, yellow coloration of the conjunctivae, loss of appetite, discomfort or pain in the right hypochondriac region and yellow coloration of urine. Few patients noticed yellow coloration of the conjunctivae. Stools were of normal colour in all cases.

On examination 85 cases showed fever ranging from 99°F and 103°F and five above 103°F. Conjunctivae was yellow in almost all cases and the buccal mucosa in a few cases. Pulse rate was between 80 and 96 in all cases. Liver was palpable in all cases ranging from one finger to three fingers below right costal margin, soft and tender. Urine was deep yellow in colour in most of the cases.

Rest and high carbohydrate diet were advised in all cases. Fatty and oily foods were restricted. No oral antibiotics were given.

Liv.52 tablets 2 b.d. or one t.d.s. were given for 12 to 15 days and for 20 days in severe cases.

Liv.52 therapy showed quick return of appetite within five days and subsidence of fever. Yellow coloration of the conjunctiva disappeared within 12 to 15 days, appetite became normal and the liver became smaller in size. The two pregnant women with infective hepatitis also improved very well.

Liv.52 tablets have a definite clinical therapeutic effect in the management of infective hepatitis.

Our grateful thanks are due to Dr. B. Doddabasawaiah, M.B.,B.S., Medical officer of Health, Primary Health Centre, Hangal, for supervising this work.

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