Blood, urine ethanol and acetaldehyde levels from six different alcoholic beverages and effect of Liv.52

Kulkarni, R.D. and Chauhan, B.L. The Himalaya Drug Co., R & D Centre, 251, Dr. D.N. Road, Bombay, India.

Blood/urine ethanol and acetaldehyde levels were estimated after fixed dose of 43 gms of ethanol in the form of Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Gin, wine and Beer in six moderate alcohol users. 43 gms of ethanol was divided into 2 pegs and consumed within 1 hour on day 0 and 15 days after Liv.52 treatment. Blood samples were collected every hour upto six hours and urine samples at 0-3 hours and 3-6 hours. Blood/urine ethanol and acetaldehyde were estimated by