Liv 52 – Ingredients Mandur bhasma

Mandur bhasma, also known as Ferric Oxide Calx, is immensely prescribed by physicians for their patients with menorrhagia, kidney problems, enlarged spleen, dyspepsia, nervous system disorders, anemia, edema related to liver problems, chlorosis, sexual edisabilities, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, neuralgia of the 5th nerve secondary to debility, intestinal worms, diseases of the liver and spleen, amenorrhea, albuminuria, chronic bowel problems, and jaundice. This medication is made by calcinating iron rust and then purifying it. Moreover, mandur bhasa is highly used for curing microcytic anemia and hemolytic jaundice. It can be taken by children and pregnant women.

In the traditional practice of medicine, Mandur bhasma is considered as an ayurvedic drug for treating hepatitis. In modern times, researches have been done on albino rats to confirm the hepatoprotective capacity of this medication through an injury to the liver induced byv CCI4, specifically on its effects to the functions of the lipolytic enzymes found in the kidney, adipose tissues, and liver of the rats. The functions of substances like alkaline lipase, hormone sensitive lipase, acid lipase, and lipoprotein lipase, are changed dominantly when the CC14 was done. This shows that the aforementioned enzymes play a big part in fat accumulation especially those with problems in the kidney and liver as well as in the movement of fat coming from the adipose tissues. Continuous intake of Mandur bhasma keeps the CCI4 mediated and paraffin mediated to cause alterations of the enzymes. This proves that Mandur basma has effective hepatoprotective capacity when a liver injury is induced by CCI4.

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