Liv 52 – Ingredients Kakamachi / Black Nightshade / Solanum nigrum

The Black nightshade is one of the most popular and abundantly growing wild plants around the world. It is dominantly present in South of England but less in number in the Northern part including Scotland. The Black nightshade can be seen in the woods and even in altered environments. Moreover, this plant belongs to the family called Solanaceae.

Eating the berries of black nightshade does not bring harm to the body. In ayurvedic medicine, the black nightshade is mixed with other components to make it effective in curing heart problems. For instance, 1 to 2 grains of dried leaves placed in boiling water may be used as a sudorific which is beneficial for cutaneous diseases. The juice if the black nightshade may be utilized to get rid of ringworm, earache and gout. When it is combined with vinegar, it can be used as a mouthwash. The black nightshade is also utilized as cure for mucous membrane inflammation, gland enlargement, herpes, and gastritis.

The Black nightshade has a bushy appearance because it has a lot of branches and its height does not go beyond a foot. Moreover, it possesses different alkaloids which aid in making the skin, bladder, liver and kidney in good condition. This plant may also be used as a diuretic, laxative, emollient, and antiseptic. It can also cure liver cirrhosis and it can make the pupils dilate.

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