Liv 52 – Ingredients Himsra (Capparis spinosa)

Himsra is a bushy plant that is common in the Mediterranean area. It has large flowers which are white to pinkish white in color. Its leaves are thick and curved. Furthermore, it is considered as a persistent climber or shrub because it is equipped with thorns that are strong and they are light yellow in color. It matures in rocky coastal regions or on walls. Its root bark is filled with rutic acid, a volatile component, and stachydrine. Despite its bitter taste, the caper (Capparis spinosa L.) is used to relieve problems in the liver, kidney, and spleen. It is also utilized as an expectorant and diuretic.

Himsra is highly popular because of its bud and fruit called caper berry because it may be eaten. This is usually prepared as pickled food. The fruits and buds of other plant species of Himsra are also edible to be pickled.

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