Liv 52 – Ingredients Biranjasipha ( Achillea millefolium )

Yarrow is a herbal plant that is popular for its capacity to treat diseases. It commonly grows in the Western Himalayas specifically from Kashmir to Kumaon. Its Latin name, Achillea millefolium, is taken from a famous character from Greek mythology named Achilles. He is said to have utilized the plant, Yarrow, for treating wounds.

Yarrow is highly prescribed by the German Commission E as a cure for gastrointestinal tract problems and dyspeptic complaints including mild spasms.

Important Medical Component
Yarrow is filled with alkaloid achiline, a substance that stops bleeding both internally and externally.

Vital Medical Benefits
  • Provides cure to spasm and pain in the stomach
  • Cures gastrointestinal problems including dyspepsia
  • Acts as an anti-hemorrhoid by stopping external and internal bleeding
Yarrow is present in the following products: Liv.52 DS, Digyton, Geriforte Aqua, Bonnisan, Liv.52 drops, Geriforte, Liv.52, Liv.52 Vet (Companion Care), Liv.52 Vet, Protein Conditioner Softness & Shine, Geriforte Vet.

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